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Tax Incentive Programs

Scientific Research & Experimental Development is a tax incentive program provided by the Canadian Government to companies who strive to innovate.

The goal of the program is to encourage technological and experimental advancement to benefit the Canadian economy.


Up to 60% of labour cost expenditures on completed (or ongoing) projects are recoverable depending on your region in Canada, type of ownership, taxable income, and size of company.

Most Canadian companies in manufacturing, software, IT, biotechnology, food & beverages, chemicals & plastics, oil, gas and mining qualify.

Key Criteria

We will conduct a free assessment to evaluate if the key criteria’s are met. They are:

  • Technologically challenging work.
  • Systematic investigation in solving a technological problem.
  • Technological advancement was achieved.

What will Tri-Account do for you?

  • Identify projects that qualify for SR&ED claim and maximize your claim.
  • Produce (on your behalf) a professional claim that is complete, accurate, and fully SR&ED compliant to ensure that all your entitlements  are received in full.
  • Provide ongoing consultation to ensure that projects are identified early and records are maintained.
  • Attend Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) reviews, if required.

Benefits to you

  • No risk on your part. Fees are paid when refunds are received from CRA.
  • Minimal involvement of your time.
  • Maximize benefits from the program.